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Social, Civic and community participation

Banking and Shopping

Clients are supported to do personal banking and shopping tasks in our local community. Clients are provided with the opportunity to learn money handling skills and increase independence relevant to their capacity and goals.

Bike Riding

The bike riding program takes place in National Parks and reserves in the Hamilton district. Numerous roads and tracks provide ample opportunity for different levels of cycling. All activities are designed to suit the individual skills and will provide a challenging and rewarding experience. Bikes and equipment are provided.

Centre Shopping

Clients are involved in planning, shopping and purchasing items used at the Centre and each client finds a different item on the list. Clients compile a shopping list and purchase necessities from the local supermarkets and shops. Clients make choices, select items and learn shopping skills, including going through the check out.


At our French Street Workshop location clients can participate in weeding garden beds, planting seedlings, watering and picking vegies in season.


The Gym program operates at the Hamilton Indoor Leisure and Aquatic Centre. Clients have access to a wide variety of exercises on state-of-the-art equipment. Qualified staff assist clients to develop an exercise chart to suit their needs.
Cost: Additional cost involved.

Garden Maintenance

This program teaches mowing and garden maintenance skills with an emphasis on safety and effectiveness. Clients can learn how to use equipment such as lawn mowers, ride-on mowers, the brush cutter and various garden implements relevant to their capabilities. Clients are also provided with a variety of community access opportunities like the local transfer station and local businesses for collecting supplies.
Cost: Additional cost

Independent Living Skills

This program is conducted in the Independent Living House at 25 Alexandra Parade.
Clients learn daily living skills which develop self-esteem and lead to greater independence in a domestic, homelike environment. Clients participate in menu planning, budgeting for meals, shopping, preparing lunch and dining together. They also participate in cleaning, washing and looking after the garden.

Cost: Additional cost


Clients visit the Hamilton Library and are encouraged to borrow items including books, talking books, DVDs and magazines. Time is spent looking at books or magazines and discussing items in them. Clients can also spend time using the computers at the library to access the internet.

Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels is a community service program in which our clients volunteer to deliver meals to elderly and unwell members of the local community. Clients work as a team and gain a sense of self confidence and self-esteem, promote goodwill and make a valuable contribution to the community.

Pick-Ups (Recycling Activity)

Clients collect paper products for recycling from approximately fifty businesses and community organisations within the Hamilton CBD and industrial areas. Clients develop relationships with many business people when collecting their recyclable materials on a weekly or fortnightly basis. Independence is encouraged and developed and many clients have favourite businesses from which they collect.

Walking Groups

Programs offer the opportunity for clients to socialise away from the Centre and enjoy a leisurely walk while experiencing a variety of Hamilton and districts parks, gardens, walking tracks and places of interest. Some groups have the opportunity to have a picnic lunch out before walking.

HILAC Swimming

Clients visit the local Hamilton Indoor Leisure and Aquatic Centre (HILAC). Swimming groups have a specific focus such as water aerobics, water safety or games and recreation. Swimming sessions offer an opportunity to experience low impact exercise which assists to improve the general health and well being and the opportunity to interact appropriately with others.
Cost: Additional cost involved for attending HILAC.

Woodwork Workshop

This program teaches woodworking skills required in the manufacture of survey stakes, survey pegs and garden furniture and can include a personal woodworking project. The workshop provides a happy, safe and dignified environment which aims to promote independence, self-esteem, self-confidence and the opportunity to safely learn the use of hand tools and some woodworking machinery.