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Our History

20 November 1953

A meeting was held in the Hamilton Town Hall where it was decided that a centre for “Intellectually handicapped children” should be commenced in Hamilton. This meeting took place as a result of the forming of a Provisional Committee at an earlier public meeting at which Dr Cunningham Dax of the Mental Hygiene Authority had been a guest speaker.

6 June 1955

The name Mulleraterong was accepted by the committee as the name of the new Centre

14 June 1955

The work of the Centre commenced under the leadership of Miss E. M. Francis in the Methodist Church Sunday School Hall.

20 June 1955

The official opening of the Centre at the Methodist Church Sunday School Hall with Dr Cunningham Dax as guest speaker.

August - September 1955

A Queen carnival organized by the Apex Club of Hamilton was held during which an amount of approximately £5300 was raised.

The final night of the carnival was run by the Younger set in the Hamilton Town Hall and the proceeds of the night were shared between the various queens.

3 October 1955

The site of the new building in Alexandra Parade was approved.

10 May 1956

The Ladies Auxiliary was formed.

23 May 1958

The turning of the first sod by the Mayor, at that time Councillor R. D. J. Brown.

16 March 1959

The first classes were conducted in the new Centre.


Mrs. Cottrill was appointed as Supervisor and Miss Sandra Herrmann was appointed as assistant as a result of Mrs. Cullinane’s resignation. Mrs. Cullinane had been supervisor for 5 years.

Sergeant McDonald and officers of the Hamilton Police Station volunteered to take over the maintenance of the playing areas and outside surrounds.


“Sheltered Workshop” activities were introduced for the senior students. Activities such as silverware polishing and the preparing of plastic bobbins for the Warrnambool Woollen Mills were undertaken.