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Group & Centre Based Activities

Art & Craft

Art programs are available to clients wishing to explore their creative talents. Clients will experience a variety of mediums and materials such as paint, pencil, crayon, inks and dyes. The session activities cover many aspects of creativity.
Some Art & Craft programs may include an additional cost to accommodate for supplies.

Computer Skills, iPad Activities

Clients of all abilities are encouraged to participate in computer and IT sessions at various times throughout the week. Clients learn to use laptops and iPads for a variety of activities and games. Internet access is available and clients can surf the net for topics of interest.

Mobility and Leisure Activities

Clients experience activities such as walking, stretching and games which have a physical emphasis appropriate to individual needs. The program encourages and assists participants in the areas of mobility, flexibility, posture, muscle tone, aerobic capacity and weight bearing.


A number of cooking programs including preparing a meal to take home for the family, are available depending upon the individuals choice. Various groups choose from hot and cold meals, cakes and slices, savoury and sweet treats. Clients can help with shopping, preparation, cooking, serving and cleaning up. An important element of cooking programs is the relaxed, social environment. Clients will also learn occupational health & safety in the kitchen which involves cleaning, hand washing and the safe use of utensils and cooking equipment. The best part is eating the finished product!

Cooking programs include an additional user pays cost.

Leisure Activities and Green Room Activities

This program encompasses a range of stimulating activities and games, which encourage skill development for individual clients. Clients learn to use leisure time to participate in a variety of activities including puzzles, board games and hookey. After the clients have completed activities they may choose to relax with a hand or foot massage. Clients enjoy interacting with each other and support staff.

Personal Development

The Personal Development program offers individual pampering with hand care, hair care and styling in a social and relaxed atmosphere. This program aims to provide fun and increase self-esteem in a social and friendly environment.

Sensory & Relaxation

The Sensory and Relaxation programs provide and atmosphere of relaxation through music, hand massages and foot spas. The Sensory Room has many benefits for people with special needs as it creates a stimulating and yet calming environment.

Swimming Programs

A number of swim sessions are conducted throughout the week in the Centre’s hydrotherapy pool. Swimming groups have a specific focus such as water aerobics, water safety or games and recreation. Centre swimming sessions offer an opportunity to experience low impact exercise which assists to improve the general health and well being and the opportunity to interact appropriately with others.

Sing Along

Clients in this program choose popular songs via YouTube to sing, play along or dance to. They enjoy singing familiar sings and being part of a social, fun group.