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Individualised supports

Individualised supports are tailored to meet the requirements of each individual and can be regular or as required.

Individualised supports may include:

  • Support to link with community recreation, leisure and cultural activities.
  • Support and education to build skills in using local facilities and services (banks, shops, public transport, recreational facilities).
  • Support to become involved with others in their chosen community to experience a variety of activities and relationships.
  • Support to build household management skills (cooking, menu planning, laundry, budget planning).

Individualised supports can also be arranged to attend a doctors or dentist appointment, to have a haircut, make a purchase like a Mother’s Day present, or attend a function or an event like an Abba concert, or support can be provided if parents or carers have a function or event to attend.

 Mulleraterong is working to provide individualised supports the way you would like them delivered and Community Connections is another option we offer.

Community Connections

Community Connections Calendars are distributed monthly and provide event options for excursions outside regular program hours that Mulleraterong will support clients to attend.

Activities include:

  • Steak night or Pot and Parma at the Cally
  • Social dinners at Alexandra House & Thai Town
  • Pool parties at the Centre or HILAC pools
  • Hamilton Pastoral Museum – history rally
  • Games and pizza nights at the Corner House
  • Afternoon tea and movie at the Hamilton Cinema
  • Ten Pin Bowling in Warrnambool
  • Hamilton HIRL Market
  • PAC performances and more

Contact us to discuss how attending these events may be tailored to suit your support needs during the time between programs and your chosen event, including transport.

Clients, parents and carers are very welcome to contact us to discuss opportunities specific to individuals such as day trips, going to the cricket, personal shopping, performances or concerts. If you have an idea, we can talk to you about how it could become a reality.